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Medtech Impact on Wellness

There are a wide variety of medical tests and samples that are time, temperature, and handling sensitive; if either one of these factors isn’t properly maintained, then inaccurate results will be delivered, putting the health and lives of patients at risk. With an error rate of 35-40 percent, blood samples taken for the purposes of monitoring chemotherapy are the most vulnerable to becoming compromised by environmental variants encountered before they even reach the machine for analysis, and a variety of other medical samples have an average error rate of between five and eight percent.

Lab Sensor Solutions is a company that’s developed a system to address this by closely tracking the temperature and location of sensitive medical samples with less than a five-minute delay. How do they do it? Since such sensitive samples should be kept in close proximity to the courier who’s transporting them, Lab Sensor Solutions places Bluetooth-enabled, low-energy temperature sensors inside the containers holding samples, and connects those sensors to the courier’s own mobile device. If a sample has been sitting too long, has reached too high or low of a temperature, or is on a route that will take longer than the sample will stay viable, then an alert will automatically be sent to the courier, the dispatcher, and the supervisor on shift.

Prior to the implementation of this system, there was no way to identify when a sample was at risk of spoiling, but now the team at Lab Sensor Solutions is seeing on average three to five corrections a day and a significant increase in overall compliance. They already have 12 customers all around the country and are continuing to expand. Tune in and visit to learn more.

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