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Though Roger has only been involved in the cryptospace since the beginning of 2017, he has already discovered some tips and tricks that he is willing to share. Some exchanges, such as Crypto VA or Nova Exchange, will give you commissions for referring others. He also recommends using Coinergy, a platform that connects other exchanges into one place. Looking at a coin’s community–how active they are on Slack/Telegram, how much they’re willing to help newcomers, how committed developers are, and how many people are actually willing to hold on to their coin–are some great indicators of whether you should invest in it. All of these tips and more are combined into his trading group, Crypto Trading Pro. The group creates money for both members and those holding other cryptos by choosing a coin to purchase in large amounts. After creating marketing materials and promoting the coin for several weeks, the coin has risen in value, and creates a profit for all its holders.

For more information, or to get started trading, visit

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