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As a teenager, Robin Farmanfarmaian was mis-diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. All told, she ended up having forty-three hospitalizations, six surgeries, and three organs removed. For a mis-diagnosis. Seriously.

Having gone through this, Farmanfarmaian decided to take her healthcare into her own hands. She fired her entire medical team, and took herself off the high-dose opiate she was on, leading to an experience equivalent to heroin withdrawal.

“Because of that, I ended up getting diagnosed correctly… And literally after 13 years of massive surgeries, constant hospitalizations, I suddenly went into remission overnight.”

“Wow,” I say.

“I hacked my healthcare back together,” says Farmanfarmaian. And now, Farmanfarmaian has learned how to hack the healthcare system even more extensively. “I’ve hacked my healthcare to the point where I now receive the vast majority of my healthcare within a two-block radius of my apartment, or inside of my home.”

Hacking the healthcare system is what Farmanfarmaian’s new book is about: The Patient As CEO gets into the technologies that are empowering patients to be key decision-makers.

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