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Diffusion Pharmaceuticals is an innovative biopharmaceutical company that is currently developing novel therapies that enhance the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to areas where the need is greatest.

In 2021, Diffusion reported successful test results for human safety and tolerance from a Phase 1b trial for trans sodium crocetinate (TCS), Diffusion Pharmaceuticals’ lead therapy.

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  • How TCS enhances the diffusion process.
  • What clinical trials for cellular oxygen deficiency are in the pipeline at Diffusion Pharmaceuticals.
  • What the next steps are for current clinical studies and drug development.

Dr. Robert Cobuzzi, Jr., an accomplished life sciences professional, is President, CEO, and Board Member at Diffusion Pharmaceuticals as of September 2020. He has more than 25 years of experience in cross-functional leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

TSC is Diffusion’s lead drug candidate and recently completed a Phase 1b study evaluating TSC in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The drug improves the way oxygen moves to hypoxic tissues and has been shown to accelerate the speed of oxygen movement through the blood which allows an increased rate of oxygen diffusion.

Earlier this year, the company reported successful trial results in the testing of TSC for human safety and tolerance.

The recently completed transcutaneous oxygen monitoring (TCOM) trial is the first of three short-term controlled Oxygenation Trials being conducted at Diffusion Pharmaceuticals. The data gathered from the TCOM trial will provide information for study design of upcoming trials and the ongoing evaluation of the timing of administration to capitalize on clinical effectiveness. Two other trials, the Induced Hypoxia Trial and the DLCO Trial are planned for the second half of 2021.

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