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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies represent a new type of asset class and marketplace for investors to get involved in, similar to traditional markets such as NASDAQ. Index investing has always helped investors take advantage of broad market movements, and Coincube offers free investment software to help open up these new crypto asset markets to investors.

Their software connects to 7 different exchanges, and users can pick from pre-selected indexes of the top 10, 20, or 30 crypto-tokens. Users are able to choose between market caps weighting or equally weighted, and the software will buy and sell the appropriate tokens to keep the portfolio allocated the way users want.

As Coincube is not currently regulated in such a way that allows them to give specific investment advice, they hope to change this in the near future. Down the road, they are looking at introducing premium accounts with specialized tools, and an investment dashboard to keep track of all user’s investment activities.

For more information, or to get started investing, visit

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