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Founder and Director of Agentic Group, Rik Willard, sheds some light on what he’ll be discussing at the upcoming Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain SuperConference slated for this coming February: the impact of regulation on the future of ICOs.

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 “There’s a good chance SEC will come down on everything and everyone.

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If it looks and acts like a security, they’re going to be focusing on those kinds of things,” says Willard. If he’s right, what aspect of the ICO movement will be most impacted, and in what way? How will the landscape change in terms of US token sales? These are just a couple of the questions that Willard addresses.

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“This space is very new,” he says, which is all the more reason to tune in (and stay tuned in) for the very latest.

Willard also discusses:

  • A slice of insight into a project-in-the-making by Agentic Group
  • The four types of value expressed by the tokens that are bifurcated from the ICO movement itself, and the role that each may play in the blockchain space
  • How people can stay connected and on top of the latest from  Agentic Group

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