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GateCoin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain token exchange based in Hong Kong that is designed for both individuals and institutional investors. They also advise groups wanting to create their own tokens, and help raise funds for token sales.

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Customers wishing to trade on the exchange can fund their accounts through fiat bank transfers in US Dollars, Euros, and Hong Kong Dollars, and the exchange is monitored and audited by security experts and government regulators. This creates some issues with US customers, as there are currently no federal regulators for cryptocurrencies, and GateCoin must deal with each state individually. As a result of this, residents of some states cannot participate.

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In the future, GateCoin looks to be able to have customers from all 50 US states. They are also looking to set up operations in Europe and SE Asia, implement payment channels, and create a token sale participation platform.

For more information, visit www.

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