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The average person in the US is a member of over 30 rewards programs, and yet they only actively use just a few of those. On the other side, companies spend just as much money trying to get people enrolled in these programs as they do restricting the ability of those same people to use the rewards they have earned.

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With over 20 years experience in the rewards and loyalty program industry, Todd Rowan founded Rewards.

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com, which aims to tokenize the rewards that people earn through all their various loyalty programs, including Sony, Nissan,, and more.

In this way, a specific value is given to the rewards that are earned, which will create the loyalty from customers that is missing from many of these programs. Because tokens will have an actual exchange value, they can trade them on exchanges, or redeem them for items or gift cards. is planning a pre-sale of their token to begin April 15th, with a full launch on June 1st.

Todd will also be at the Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Ethereum Superconference in Dallas, Texas February 16-18, and gives us a sneak peek of his talk on how cryptocurrency and blockchain can revolutionize the loyalty program industry, and ultimately give consumers control of their profile and rewards.

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