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A returning guest, Felipe runs a Spanish-language YouTube channel dedicated to the latest news in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. Since his last visit, his platform has added a large number of users throughout Latin America, Europe, and in Latino communities in the United States. Most people are getting interested in this space in order to not only build their wealth, but to help protect the wealth that they have already accumulated from predations, and more and more people are getting interested in this space every day.

Throughout this fascinating podcast, Felipe discusses how different people around the world, particularly in Asia and Latin America are side-stepping regulations, his thoughts on the Venezuela PetroDollar, a cryptocurrency being created by the Venezuelan government that is backed by oil reserves, and about the possibilities of other governments around the world doing something similar.

Felipe is excited for the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas February 16-18, believing it to be a great opportunity for people to get involved. In the near future, Felipe and CriptoMonedas are working on creating more meetups for people to get involved, experimenting with other social media platforms, and may be putting together a conference towards the end of this year.

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