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Is how we think about and approach cancer all wrong? By reexamining the roots of cancer evolution, a shift in thinking may lead to significant new developments.

Listen up to learn:

  • How Richard Jacobs became invested in researching cancer and the immune system
  • The shortcomings of current cancer treatment
  • The questions we should be asking of researchers and scientists

Richard Jacobs, the founder of the Finding Genius Podcast, joins the conversation with Perry Marshall to discuss revolutionizing the way we approach cancer treatment and the possibilities the future holds.

Cancer is one of the most significant and prevalent issues plaguing humankind. However, despite tremendous research budgets and efforts, there has been little progress in finding any base causes for the condition.

While chemotherapy and radiation are the industry standard, the reality of the situation is that they alone often aren’t enough and can cause damage of their own. However, if we take a fresh perspective on cancer and lose inhibition in asking new questions, we may just find a magic bullet that has never before been considered.

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