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“I had a toolbox full of addiction—alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, work, all of it—and basically what I’ve done is taken out the addiction and replaced it with holistic practices, like meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, EMDR, equine therapy…you name it,” says Theo Fleury.

Press play to hear his personal story and learn:

  • How emotional trauma affects the nervous system
  • The importance of all three sides of health and wellness: emotional, physical, and spiritual
  • The critical difference between trying a certain type of therapy, and working at it
  • The value in remembering that adversity breeds resilience

Theo Fleury discovered his love for ice hockey at a young age: In it he found refuge from a household where addiction and mental illness were primary themes. But when he was just an adolescent, a hockey coach would subject Fleury to years of trauma and sexual abuse.

Serious mental illness and addiction would ensue.

Eventually, this experience would lead Fleury to become an expert in the field of relational trauma.

Fleury shares what he’s learned over the years, including the importance of talking about our negative emotions and experiences in order to work through them, rather than suppressing them through drugs or other forms of addiction.

Tune in to hear the full conversation and explore more at

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