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“Research has shown that traditional approaches in security just aren’t working,” says Dan Schoenbaum, citing large security breaches with British Airways and Target as just a couple of examples. Despite having large, sophisticated security programs, many companies simply aren’t able to prevent people from stealing their data or leveraging their websites and accessing customers’ credit card information.

It’s an approach that’s been taken for the past 25 years, and according to Schoenbaum, it’s the wrong one. When Schoenbaum discovered Risk IQ, he discovered an entirely different approach to the problem of internet security—one that focuses on what’s outside of the firewall, where the majority of attacks originate.

“The heart and core of what we do is data science,” he explains. The team at Risk IQ spends their days reviewing billions of web pages, social media platforms, and mobile applications, scanning for the illegitimate ones among the legitimate.

As the COO and President of Risk IQ, Schoenbaum joins the podcast to discuss the details of all this and more, including the path that led him to Risk IQ, the ins and outs of what they offer, the changing landscape of cyber security and cyber-attacks, and what’s to come. Press play to hear the full conversation and visit https://www. to learn more.

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