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“Not everyone with the disease of addiction is able to access treatment…being a physician, that was very hard for me to digest, and the result is that we see so many preventable overdose deaths…

I would like that to change, and I think reducing the stigma associated with the disease of addiction and moving more treatment to an outpatient setting will greatly increase access to care,” says Dr. Indra Cidambi.

With this vision, she founded the Center for Network Therapy, New Jersey’s first state-licensed outpatient detoxification facility.

Dr. Cidambi explains that in contrast to the traditional model of inpatient care, which many insurance policies will not cover, an outpatient detoxification program will allow more patients to obtain care without the consequences of inpatient care, such as the required isolation from friends and family members, and having to take time away from work.

In addition, outpatient care allows patients to recover from addiction in their normal environment, encouraging them to integrate what they learn into their daily lives.

Approximately 65% of Dr. Cidambi’s patients remain sober after 90 days, and the same can only be said for about 40% of patients who undergo inpatient treatment.

Tune in for an interesting discussion about how exactly outpatient detoxification works, the four key components of Dr.Cidambi’s program, and so much more.

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