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Trisha Pritikin, lawyer, and radiation exposure survivor talks in-depth about her past health problems, causes, and her efforts to educate the public about the dangers of radiation exposure.

Trisha Pritikin was born and raised in Richland, Washington, just a couple miles from the Hanford Site, a decommissioned nuclear production complex that was operated by the United States government, on the Columbia River in Benton County, Washington. Her father worked around the reactors, overseeing operations.

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Eventually, the family moved away, but at the age of 18, Pritikin began to develop health problems she believes were caused by childhood exposure to radioactive iodine and other toxic radionuclides that were released from chemical separations at Hanford.

Pritikin tells her story and explains her background.

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As she explains, the Hanford Site as part of the government’s early plutonium production. She outlines the process they used and how toxins were released into the air and water. Pritikin’s health deteriorated over time due to an undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid disorder known as Hashimoto’s disease, and other related health issues.

Pritikin explains the depth at which residents of the area were exposed to harmful radiation, and how, surprisingly, the public was never really informed for years and years. She talks about the many cancers that people of the area experienced, and how it is easy to see the connection. Pritikin talks about her efforts to make an impact, and the 24-year litigation that went on and on in an effort to gain settlements for plaintiffs. She talks about her book of stories, stories of people who suffered, and the release of her book.

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Continuing, she discusses her efforts to spread the word about dangerous exposures and provides information on some of their websites and info for the public.

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