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How has the quantum revolution allowed researchers a new understanding of light? By examining the properties and behavior of light, discoveries like gravity waves can be found. Press play to learn:

  • How quantum optics function
  • Why pairs of photons are quantum correlated
  • What the signal to noise ratio signifies

Ryan T. Glasser, Ph.D., an Associate Professor at Tulane EDU, School of Science & Engineering, stops by to share his work with quantum optics and discusses what this work may hold for the future.

A higher-quality image can be gained by quantizing light in a specific way, allowing a more extended range for optics to be used effectively. By quantum correlating the pairs of photons, accurate measurements, even beyond lasers, can be created.

By eliminating “noise” in calculations using quantum optics, the data collected from the experiment can be much more dependable. This is in part the quality of quantum optics that allowed a team of researchers to earn a Nobel prize for discovering gravity waves.

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