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Nathan Crane is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, cancer health researcher, and award-winning documentary film maker. With more than 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field, he shares his dynamic perspective on the connection between cancer and lifestyle focusing on the prevention and reversal of this deadly disease.

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  • How processed foods, toxins, and chemicals may cause DNA breakdown.
  • How DNA damage leads to cancer. 
  • What natural therapies promote healthy healing.

Mr. Crane’s search for a healthy lifestyle comes from a troubled childhood, mental and emotional trauma, drug addiction, house arrest, and homelessness. He has overcome past troubles and uses what he learned to move forward in a positive direction towards a healthy lifestyle. His research has focused on the link between cancer and the immune system.

Nathan has extensively studied indigenous, energy, holistic, and naturopathic medicines in his quest for eradiating cancer and achieving optimum health without using toxic treatments such as the chemotherapy process.

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He has been able to find something good in all forms of medicine such as meditation, raw diet, cleansing, and detoxing that can be used to restore health.

As a film maker, Crane has found success in the 20-time winning documentary, Cancer: The Integrative Perspective. The film explores the unrecognized causes of cancers and presents the concepts of holistic and integrative approaches to prevent and reverse cancer.

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To learn more visit:


Instagram: @nathancrane_naturalhealth

Twitter: @nathancrane

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