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Michelle Seiler Tucker is a best-selling author who has been in business for more than twenty years. She is an authority on buying and selling, improving businesses, and developing revenue streams. Seiler Tucker co-authored Exit Rich: The 6P Method to Sell your Business for Huge Profit with finance expert Sharon Lechter that educates readers on how to increase revenue productivity and many other techniques for creating a prosperous business that will be attractive to buyers.

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  • How to objectively evaluate your business.
  • How to use Seiler Tucker’s twofold approach to sell your business for maximum profit.
  • How to improve your chances of finding the right buyer for your business.

With more than 20 years experience in mergers and acquisitions, Seiler Tucker has been instrumental in the sale of hundreds of businesses. She is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated and currently owns several other successful businesses. Seiler Tucker specializes in buying, fixing, growing, and selling businesses.

Business owners sell for different reasons: health issues, divorce, death, owners’ disputes, or something unforeseen and external like the current pandemic. Seiler Tucker collaborates with clients to help them expand their businesses and avoid making errors that hinder the growth of a healthy business.

She has identified common mistakes that business owners make that devalue the profitability of their companies. One of the biggest mistakes is not having a plan for exiting the business. The owner does not have a sellable asset because they failed to build a solid infrastructure which means there is no intrinsic value for prospective buyers. Exit Rich educates business owners on how to prepare for the sale of their business from the very beginning. The result is creating a high-value asset that is appealing to buyers.

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