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Medtech Impact on Wellness

What makes mushrooms so unique? With health benefits ranging from mental to physical, they are indeed a magical class of life.

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Press play to learn:

  • How mushrooms can be medicinal for the mind
  • Why sterilization is so crucial when growing mushrooms
  • Which mushrooms offer specific health benefits

Christian Kaelin, the Senior Mycologist and Production Manager at Leiio Wellness, shares his work and study of fungi and how they can benefit almost everybody who enjoys them.

Mushrooms are often vilified and misunderstood after the war on drugs and their close relationship with decomposition.

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However, it is virtually impossible to ignore the vast array of potential benefits they offer those who partake in their consumption.

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Aside from the hallucinatory and psychedelic effects, the health benefits of eating mushrooms regularly range from higher brain function to gut health. Spectacularly, almost anyone who wants to attempt to grow their own edible mushrooms has the ability to if they so choose as close as their back yard.

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