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Why are corals so susceptible to disease and destruction, and how can we fix it? By respecting the environment coral thrives in, there may be hope to save these natural wonders of the world.

Listen up to learn:

  • The cause of coral bleaching
  • Which factors keep coral healthy
  • How oyster farming could harm coral

Dr. Bill McGraw, Author of Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease, joins the podcast to discuss his work learning about coral reefs and the risks posed to the reef systems worldwide.

While coral is notoriously delicate, there is a vast amount of misinformation floating around as to the cause of the demise of coral reefs. The PH of the water was long thought to be the coral killer, but in reality, it tends to be many other factors.

Coral is not just a beautiful sight to behold in many locations around the world. Many creatures rely on the health of the nearby coral system, including humans, who depend on the colonies of fish that use the reef ecosystem.

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