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Joining us today is John Virdin, the Director of the Ocean and Coastal Policy Program at Duke University. He joins us today to discuss marine conservation, and how humans affect ocean environments.

John has over twenty years of experience advising and analyzing government policies that regulate human use of the oceans – with a particular interest in ocean policy that reduces poverty. Combining his passion for policy and love for marine life, John has played a major role in refining political approaches to ocean-related issues…

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In this episode, you can hear John talk about:

  • What it means to reduce poverty from an oceanic perspective.
  • How the jurisdiction of the ocean is designated. 
  • The “bad things” that happen in the ocean on a regular basis.
  • The treaties that are being considered by global governments to address marine issues.

Marine conservation affects so much more than you may think – and a lot of it can be controlled with good policies. Join the conversation now to learn about what John and experts like him are doing to make the world a better place!

Click here to find out more about John Virdin and his work!

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