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In this episode, we discuss all things fungi with Jordan Jent from Texas Fungus.

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Jordan is a farmer that supplies local restaurants and markets with gourmet artisan mushrooms – from Shiitake to Lions Mane and Oyster varieties.

In 2018, Jordan realized his passion for mushroom growing, and with a background in culinary work, he decided to pursue his love for farming and food from an entrepreneurial perspective.

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Presently, his company is growing 700-800 pounds of specialty mushrooms every week… 

Tune in now to learn about:

  • How Jordan’s culinary background informed his mushroom cultivation practices.
  • The interconnectivity between mushroom farming and the restaurant industry.
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  • The various factors to consider when growing mushrooms.
  • The products that Texas Fungus provides to consumers.

Texas Fungus is supplying their community with mushrooms of superb quality – allowing chefs and home cooks alike to experience all that these delicious organisms have to offer… 

Want to find out more about Jordan and his work with Texas Fungus? Visit now!

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