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Why is it that physicians have failed in neurodegenerative disease treatment?

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That’s what Dr. Dale Bredesen wants to understand and his research into brain fitness is showing signs of success. He’s spent 30 years studying neurodegeneration at the molecular level and brings his findings to listeners. He discusses

  • How he’s just completed a successful trial with a fundamentally different approach to treatment,
  • Why understanding Alzheimer’s disease means understanding insufficiencies in four general areas that affect plasticity,
  • How Alzheimer’s is a cytokine drizzle that goes on for years, and
  • How Dr. Bredesen has put together an assessment of 150 factors to help prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease symptoms through his protocol. 

Dr. Dale Bredesen started Apollo Health to bring new vigor into the research and treatment of Alzheimer’s. He works with a holistic approach to bring precision medicine to patients in line with the complex mix of causes that can affect the health of brain cells. He’s implemented findings of his research into his preCODE and reCODE programs, which he explains for listeners. He found that four areas of physiology showed insufficiencies that lead to neurodegeneration: energetic support, trophic support, pathogens, and toxins. He explains how these areas experience debilitation and how that affects brain health.

But he also has divided Alzheimer’s disease into five different types that result from different degrees and types of insufficiency. How did he come up with these distinctions?

He takes listeners back to 2011, when he and his team proposed “the first trial in history in which, instead of trying one thing, you would look at a multivariable solution.” This approach, he felt, was appropriate for a multivariable disease. But because it was different than the norm, he’s spent years accumulating anecdotal studies and proof of concept work. Eventually a small trial lead to such success that he’s moving on to a larger study. He discusses his protocol and how to access it as well as some of the most common indicators of neurodegeneration.


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