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What was the origin of modern humans, and where can the lines of our ancestors be traced?

Archaeological discoveries and cultural anthropology give a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors. Press play to discover: 

  • If there is a common ancestor between humans and Neanderthals
  • How modern humans ended up in Australia
  • What can qualify as a species

Research leader of human evolution at the Natural History Museum, Chris Stringer, shares his insight and gives a look into the process of human origins.

New archaeological discoveries show the possible intermingling of early human ancestors, previously thought not to be the case. Evidence of travel between South Asian areas and around the world gives clues into how our early ancestors lived.

The anatomical science of how specific traits were either left in the past or appear in modern humans is also significant in forming a roadmap of evolution.

The human face shape may show divergence from Neanderthals and assimilation with a hybrid human group.

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