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Why are giraffes such a good marker of biodiversity and the health of the environment? Though their slow extinction has been quiet, they show traits that are substantial indicators of environmental health.

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Listen up to learn:

  • The major threats facing giraffes and other grassland animals
  • Why protecting female giraffes is essential to species survival
  • How working with the local populous to curb poaching is effective

Derek E. Lee, a Principal Scientist of the Wild Nature Institute, shares his work with preserving biodiversity and working with giraffes in Tanzania.

While relatively niche in the grand scheme of biodiversity and the animal kingdom in general, giraffes in Tanzania offer a fascinating study of preserving environmental health.

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However, through threats like habitat loss and criminal syndicates, they may be in more danger than you may know.

Since giraffes keep the same unique spot pattern throughout their lives, they do not need to be trapped and tagged to be tracked.

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Unfortunately, though, fewer than 100,000 giraffes are left in the wild, meaning conservation efforts need to be drastically improved to make a significant difference.

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