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“I felt I had to stand up and be heard at least by the local council; it was never my intention that the video clip would go viral internationally….I gave my opinion, which seems to have struck a chord for many people internationally,” says Dr. Roger Hodkinson.

He’s not an anti-vaxxer, he’s not a so-called conspiracy theorist: he’s a well-recognized and accomplished physician who isn’t willing to compromise his ethics and integrity by corroborating the mainstream media message simply because he’s being intimidated and threatened into doing so.

Press play to hear him expound on the opinion that drew international attention, and to discover:

  • Why the innovative mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 may work, but also might backfire and create dangerous complications that emerge within the coming months or years
  • What the Danish mask study showed about the effectiveness of masks in preventing transmission of COVID-19
  • How and to what extent the consequences of the response to COVID-19 have harmed more people than the virus itself

Dr. Roger Hodkinson completed a pathology residency in the 1970s at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and has since practiced as a general pathologist with a special interest in molecular diagnostics and hematopathology. Among other accomplishments, he is a serial entrepreneur who has established a number of startup medical businesses, he has dealt in several international medical diagnostic markets, and previously served as a member of the committee on laboratory accreditation and as chairman of a test committee in general pathology at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, which sets the annual pathology board examination for Royal College.

According to Dr. Hodkinson, the COVID-19 situation we’re in today is being amplified by two primary drivers: (1) the testing of the asymptomatic population with an enormous number of false positives, which feeds public paranoia; and (2) the lack of any counter-narrative because of systematic intimidation at all levels.

“Physicians are being intimidated with the threat of losing their license to practice, like myself. There is intimidation at a political level…there is a concerted attempt at all levels to suppress any counter-narrative to the idiocy that is currently going on,” says Dr. Hodkinson.

He continues by going back to the beginning and exploring how all this began. Fast-forward to the current day, he discusses details about the vaccine, which was rushed to the market with completely new technology, and is being given first to some of the most vulnerable members of the population. With grave consequences, it’s “politics playing medicine,” says Dr. Hodkinson. He discusses censorship by big tech companies, shares his opinion on what could happen in the near and long-term future, and shares practical, safe, and simple practices for proactively protecting our health.

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