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In this episode, we discuss the intricacies of plant genetics and microbiome science with Dr. Maggie Wagner. Dr. Wagner is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Scientist in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas. Here, she focuses her research on the genetic basis of plants’ interactions with their environment in both natural and agricultural systems.

Dr. Wagner has extensive training in quantitative genetics and evolutionary ecology, and she uses this knowledge to study the relationships between plant genotypes, phenotypes, and microbiomes. With the data she gathers, Dr. Wagner dedicates her energy towards the improvement of crops and wild plants that are actively facing environmental challenges…

Join us now to discover:

  • The relationship between plant genetics and microbiomes.
  • How the microbiome in plants corresponds with their parts.
  • The role beneficial microbes play in plant health.
  • How the microbiome of maygrasses change before and after hybridization.

To learn more about Dr. Wagner and her work, click here now!

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