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Today, we sit down with Patricia Morreale, a Professor and the Director of the School of Computer Science and Technology in the Hennings College of Science, Mathematics, and Technology at Kean University. Patricia’s distinct research on machine learning and network systems has contributed to advances in error detection and secure processing – which has been patented and commercialized.

Additionally, Patricia conducts research on broadening participation in computer science, with a specific interest in faculty development and undergraduate research engagement. What has her research uncovered throughout the years? Tune in now to find out…

In this conversation, we cover:

  • The driving forces behind Patricia’s career path.
  • How artificial intelligence can improve people’s lives.
  • Why AI relies so heavily on good data input.
  • How databases are organized, and the importance of understanding how they work.

Want to learn more about Patricia Morreale and her work? Click here now!

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