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Wolfgang Smith, scholar, author, and researcher in mathematics and physics, presents an overview of his long and storied career in the sciences.

From a young age, Smith was fascinated by the concept that physics could literally explain all that happens on Earth. Entering the prestigious Cornell University at the age of 15, Smith majored in physics, mathematics, and philosophy, and graduated at just 18 years old; and from there he began to question all that he had learned, and began to dig deeper.

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Smith provides an overview of the history and current state of physics. As he states, in regard to physics, we are approaching the end of an era, the end to the era of such scientific minds as Galileo and Newton.

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The scientific expert explains his thoughts on physics, expounding upon his views on testing and discovery, including the quantum realm and Newtonian physics. He discusses the philosophical thoughts of Rene Descartes. Continuing, he discusses the problems with the science that are not validated or supported by mathematics. He talks about beliefs in science, and the concept of enlightenment, citing examples of scientistic beliefs (those that are characterized by an exaggerated belief in the principles, and methods, of science). He states that we must differentiate between authentic science (the science that powers our technology, etc.) and the scientistic beliefs (science that the public knows about).

Smith, unsatisfied with much of what contemporary science presented, sought to dig further, which culminated with his writing of the book, The Quantum Enigma. Smith discusses his book in detail and his arguments and findings that are written on the pages. As Smith states, the world that we perceive through our five senses is in fact very real. Logic is the basis of his thoughts… and he discusses how all of physics can be accomplished by working in the corporeal world and the physical world.

Continuing, the scientific researcher discusses his specific thoughts on DNA and life, and the origins of organisms. Smith explains his thoughts on the biological world and the origin of life.

As he states, the origin of everything is in God, and this is recognized. And he states that this belief will become the leading paradigm going forward, basing science on God the creator.

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