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Wynand De Beer, independent researcher and philosopher, specializing in Hellenic philosophy and Patristic theology, discusses philosophy; socio-political discourse; and metaphysics, the specific branch of philosophy that pertains to the nature of existence, being, and the world.

De Beer is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and he has written numerous articles for Orthodox publications and various websites, penned under his Orthodox name, Vladimir de Beer.

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He is the author of From Logos to Bios: Evolutionary Theory in Light of Plato, Aristotle, and Neoplatonism.

De Beer discusses his thoughts on philosophical, socio-political, theological, and metaphysical issues.

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He explains that much of the mindset regarding issues of this nature has been lost due to rationalism, secular humanism, and materialism. He talks about the important works of others who have come before him, such as Albert Camus, the French Algerian philosopher, author, and journalist.

De Beer talks in detail about some of the areas of his latest book, analyzing big issues from various chapters, from well being and love, to good vs evil, to consciousness, and the three manifestations of consciousness. Digging deeper, De Beer provides an analysis of gender, as it relates to our current and historical interpretations.

He states that in the traditional understanding of man and woman, male and female, must function as polar opposites in order to constitute the reality that we live in. He provides an interesting account of the views on feminism, and the militant forms of feminism, and male chauvinism… all of which must be rejected as wrong, as they present an imbalanced view. There is no subordination or domination he states.

De Beer explains that the views and function of gender and sexuality, etc. are often taken to the extreme, perhaps as a form of rebellion, but ultimately too extreme. De Beer continues, discussing the details of other areas of his book, including a salient discussion on modern liberalism. He discusses his views on the immortality of the soul, referencing early Greek philosophy from significant voices such as Plato. 

The influential author and philosopher provides further details on his thoughts on politics and conflict. He discusses his next book, currently titled, Origins, and expounds upon some of the topics he will touch upon in the upcoming work.

In this podcast:

  • An overview of metaphysics
  • What would Plato do: various thoughts on the great philosopher
  • Man vs Woman: the gender divide



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