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At eight years old, Rachael Siddoway was hiding knives from her mom so she wouldn’t commit suicide. She was trying tirelessly to be emotionally strong so her mom could depend on her. And she was blaming herself when she thought she’d failed.

Press play to hear more about Siddoway’s experience, and learn:

  • What it’s like to live closely with a parent who has bipolar disorder, and how to maintain a wonderful relationship despite this
  • How Siddoway’s childhood was in many ways enriched by her mom’s mania
  • What three elements are critical to managing mental illness, particularly bipolar disorder

Siddoway is the author of An Impossible Life, a book in which she debuts her mom’s life with bipolar disorder, and her journey into a state of healing through dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), medication, and support groups.

In today’s show, Siddoway gives listeners a peek into her book and her life as a whole, illustrating her challenging and interesting childhood, explaining one of the most difficult aspects of living closely with someone who has a mental illness, and sharing how she has managed to navigate the ups and downs while keeping a positive relationship with her mom and her own mental health intact.

Learn about the other books in The Impossible Series at

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