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“If you imagine the mind as a piece of unshaped clay, and if I’m the first person to get in there on a particular topic and mold the clay, I am so far ahead of anyone who comes after me, because they have to try to unmold it,” says Ken McCarthy. This statement pulls together and illustrates how public perception is manipulated, and why it’s so difficult to undo once it’s been done.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How universal literacy, access to printed materials, and the ability of people to generate their own printed materials had a significant impact on the power dynamic between the general public and those in power
  • Why, upon closer examination of the fine print on the CDC and NIH websites, the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine, but experimental gene therapy
  • What role the Creel Committee played in persuading the American mind on a number of historical events, and how the same techniques are still used today
  • How the use of psychological warfare influenced American women to view smoking cigarettes as fashionable, rather than as a dirty, “unfeminine” habit

Ken McCarthy is a pioneer in the world of internet marketing and was one of the foremost visionaries on how the internet would unfold. Time Magazine credited him as the person who first understood how click-through rates would be a key metric in the commercialization of the internet, and in 1994, McCarthy commissioned the first published article on video on the internet.

During his time in the business world, McCarthy studied the persuasion and influence of the media on the public mind.

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 How do you get people to show up in large numbers and pay money, go places, or even change their career? How do you change people’s perception through the media?

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How are psychological impressions and ideas formed?

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Having studied social psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University, McCarthy is well-equipped to not only answer these questions, but utilize strategy in order to implement in the real world what he learned in the classroom.

To understand the COVID-19 situation, you first have to understand the context within which it has developed. McCarthy explains this context through a conversation that touches on so many subjects, including the JFK assassination, the CIA’s Operation Paperclip, the likely connection between Rockefeller, prohibition, and gasoline, the motivation behind WWI, the historical use of parades in swaying public perception, what exactly emergency use authorization is, how local politicians become corrupted, how a curated link between public health and defense kept the CDC alive, the role of the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) in influencing press and public health officers, the crime of death certificate falsification during the Nuremberg trials and how this relates to COVID-19, the adulteration of foods in the US, Kristallnacht and Edward Bernays’s book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, the history of war, how the small rural island of England rose to power, and so much more.

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