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“The reason we can get away with these outrageous lies we tell is that the average person can’t imagine lying on that scale because it’s just completely out of their experience…they just can’t imagine making up something completely outrageous,” says Ken McCarthy, explaining the big lie theory in the context of history and the present day.

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  • How the institutional dynamic of “us” versus “them” exploits a fundamentally human tendency, and how this plays out in politics, sports teams, and even restaurants
  • Where the beauty of TRUE science is found, and what happens when scientific knowledge becomes institutionalized and relies on misinterpretations of data
  • Who funds a large percentage of health and medical reporting in the US and other countries around the world

Ken McCarthy is a pioneer in the world of internet marketing and was one of the foremost visionaries on how the internet would unfold. Time Magazine credited him as the person who first understood how click-through rates would be a key metric in the commercialization of the internet, and in 1994, McCarthy commissioned the first published article on video on the internet.

“My success flows from my understanding of history,” says McCarthy. “The more history you know, the easier it is to see the dynamics and logistics behind how things actually happen.” During his time in the business world, McCarthy studied the persuasion and influence of the media on the public mind. How do you get people to show up in large numbers and pay money, go places, or even change their career? How do you change people’s perception through the media?

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How are psychological impressions and ideas formed? Having studied social psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University, McCarthy is well-equipped to not only answer these questions, but utilize strategy in order to implement in the real world what he learned in the classroom.

“When I see somebody else engaged in a persuasion campaign, I can see all the wires and how it’s put together,” he says.

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This has proven especially relevant to the current COVID-19 situation, and McCarthy provides a thorough, in-depth, and illuminating explanation of how. This involves a wide-ranging but ultimately interconnected list of topics, including medical fundraising, political corruption, Big Pharma, the connection between Dr.

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Anthony Fauci and George H.W. Bush, AIDS research, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) bioweapons countermeasures research, the standard of care “cookbook,” the Louisiana floods, sponsorship for mainstream news media, primary sources of funding for health and medical reporting, Operation Warp Speed (and who is running it), Koch’s postulates and the CDC’s definition of SARS-CoV-2, and so much more.

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