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Parker McCurley and business partner Adam Gall began creating active communities, with the goal of connecting people who were interested in and wanted to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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In the space of a few short months, they have managed to work with local businesses to create and sponsor regular meet-ups of interested people.

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These meet-ups have forked into two groups, one focused on the technical aspects and the other focused on the social aspects. They are also planning a 1-day Bitcoin and blockchain workshop, which is designed to educate non-tech individuals about these technologies.

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Parker also talks about what he would like to see in the future, in regard to blockchain technology. He is especially interested in tying the identity of physical goods to the blockchain, which would allow people to verify the origins of items back to their original manufacturer or producer. This has implications for goods ranging from fresh produce with UDSA Organic labels, to vehicles providing details of past ownership on the public ledger, to combating fraud in the fine art world.

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