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On a global scale, aviation accounts for two percent of carbon emissions, which may not sound like a lot, but is equivalent to all of the carbon emissions produced by Germany each year. Avinor is a state-owned company and the main airport operator in Norway tasked with maintaining and ensuring adequate air travel services in over 45 airports and reducing carbon emissions from air travel. Abdul Basit Mohammad is the senior advisor at Avinor and is joined by project manager Olav Mosvold to discuss how exactly they’re doing this and the ways in which it could be improved.

Reducing energy consumption is the first step in reducing emissions, and this is done first and foremost by maintaining efficient traffic flow with minimal interruptions. Beyond efficiency, Mohammad and Mosvold discuss the viability of the electrification of aircraft and the use of biofuels as solutions to the problem of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

American and European aircraft producers, as well as traditional jet engine producers, are conducting research and development projects focused on the economy of electrification, which has been promising: not only is the maintenance cost of electric motors lower than traditional jet turbines, but electricity itself is a lot cheaper than jet kerosene.

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