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For nearly a decade now, Adrienne Scheck, Ph.D. has focused her research on the effect of ketones and the ketogenic diet on brain tumors. As the author of Cancer and the Ketogenic Diet, senior research scientist at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Research Institute, research associate professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, adjunct professor at Arizona State University, and associate investigator in the cancer biology program at the University of Arizona, she brings an impressive amount of experience and knowledge to the discussion today.

Her research on the effect of ketones on cancerous tumors began in collaboration with Dr. John Roe, a clinician, scientist, and expert in the field who at the time had only applied the use to ketones to the treatment of epilepsy.

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When they studied the effects of adding ketones to an aggressive brain cancer cell line, the results were surprisingly positive: significant enhancement of the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

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This opened the door to many other questions yet to be investigated, such as the role of ketones as epigenetic modifiers, the confirmation of DNA within cells and how it dictates susceptibility to damage, whether or not cancer cells can use ketones as an energy source, phenotypic differences between different types of tumors, and the coming advances in technology that will lead to better data and analyses in this area.

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