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Certified in both sports medicine and neurology, Dr.

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Gabriele Barthlen, PhD, MD has directed several sleep centers and authored three books, 33 abstracts, and 15 peer-reviewed articles throughout her career. She’s also been invited to speak at over 250 lectures, and today she’s accepted the invitation to speak on the podcast about the work that she’s currently doing at Sleep Center Hawaii and the latest in the world of sleep medicine.

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Contrary to much of her previous work researching sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, insomnia, and a range of other sleep disorders, Dr. Barthlen now focuses almost exclusively on the clinical treatment of sleep apnea using the most established treatment options. She explains what each of those options are, how she treats patients who can’t travel to the sleep clinic, the stage of sleep during which apnea is most likely to occur, and the life-threatening consequences of leaving sleep apnea untreated.

Learn more by visiting and feel free to give them a call at 808 456 REST.

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