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Ever since he was a medical school student, Dr.

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Barry Fields knew where his interests rested: in improving and extending people’s quality of life and caring for them on a long-term basis.

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He quickly realized that sleep medicine would allow him to do just that, and just as quickly realized that the patient to provider ratio was high, with many patients being geographically limited in their ability to seek help from sleep center-based specialists. This is what led him to become a leader in sleep telemedicine working for the Atlanta VA Medical Center and Emory University.

Dr. Fields is a wealth of knowledge in the field of sleep medicine, discussing how sleep telemedicine works and what type of patient is best served by it, environmental and genetic causes of sleep apnea, the short and long-term consequences of untreated sleep apnea, the differences between obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea, and novel treatments for sleep apnea, including a hypoglossal nerve stimulator, a phrenic nerve stimulator, drug-based therapies, and the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate the identification of patients with sleep apnea and deliver treatment modalities that best suit their data profiles.

Tune in for all the details and to learn how to contact a sleep telemedicine specialist for yourself.

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