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Gad Saad is a professor of marketing at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and author of The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense, a book that traces the path of bad ideas like pathogens through the human mind.

Learn about his perspective, and discover:

  • In what ways postmodernism is arguably the greatest idea pathogen of all time
  • What commonality exists between all ‘pathological’ ideas
  • The important difference between virtue signaling and costly signaling

Irrational ideas can equate to ideological pathology, causing maladaptive behaviors.

What happens when we choose to speak our minds?

And knowing the risk, are you still willing to do it?

“When you speak your mind, there are all sorts of people who are going to be angry,” says Saad. And unfortunately, he knows that to be true more than most of us.

Saad brings a compelling and controversial perspective to the table, exploring the ins and outs for listeners.

Tune in to hear the full conversation, search for his book on Amazon, and check out the Saad Truth podcast and YouTube channel.

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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