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Notion aims to provide security for anything with motion.

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You can place notion’s sensors on various areas in your home or business (such as on your front door to sense when it is opened and how many times a day it is opened) to gather useful data to improve your security and knowledge. Notion sensors can tell you how full a propane tank is, when your child returns home from school, give you instant water leak alerts, tell you if your gun safe has been accessed and much more.

You can check the status of your home any time with the Notion iOS and Android app, or never worry about checking in because Notion will let you know when important things happen.

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Product Marketing Manager, Henry Springer talks to us about his company’s journey in the past 7 months and what are some of the innovative use cases notion could be utilized in, after successfully integrating with IFTTT and Nest.

With the world evolving and getting more connected the internet of things is something to look out for. So Make Sure You Listen, Share and Subscribe to get the latest, news and updates in technology. Contribute Bitcoin to fuel our interviews and keep us going!

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