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A cure for cancer exists, says Dr. Bill McGraw, who also says he knows this to be true because he’s been curing it in countless patients for years, with a 95% success rate.

Tune in for his insights, and learn:

  • How specific frequencies have the ability to shatter glass, and the medical implications of this
  • What a Rife machine is and how it works
  • What the Béchamp theory of disease transmission is, and why it’s worth a closer look
  • What happened when the American Medical Association discovered the findings of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife

The first person to ever see a live virus using a microscope is also, quite possibly, the first person to have discovered a true cure for cancer and many other diseases. His name was Royal Raymond Rife, a bacteriologist who carried out groundbreaking work in the 1920s and onwards, but whose research has been largely suppressed, and sometimes even ridiculed.

Dr. Bill McGraw shares with listeners the details of Dr. Rife’s work—namely the incredible potential of frequencies in treating and curing disease. He explains what the Rife machine is, how it was developed, how it has been used historically, and how he uses it on himself and his patients.

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Check out this Article from Dr. Bill McGraw on Rife:
Rife Technology – Dr. Bill McGraw

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