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Entrepreneur, Michael Hiles, was an early adopter of web development long before the internet bubble came to be.

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By using this same intuition, he has taken the opportunity to start a new business using blockchain technology.

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Hiles is now the Founder and CEO of 10XTS, a development lab which serves as an incubator for blockchain technology companies. 10XTS builds blockchain products and solutions using their suite of software modules providing blockchain functionality and connectivity.

Each module offers a specific purpose depending upon the use case and need. According to 10XTS, their mission for 10XTS is to help foster, coordinate, and launch projects and new ventures by aligning needs, resources, capital and leadership.

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Throughout his career, Hiles has gained a unique understanding of the crypto and blockchain world. In this thought-provoking discussion, he discusses the challenges he sees within the space. We explore the patterns of the rise and fall of crypto currencies and further examine the fast-moving technology and what that means for the future, including the anticipated further regulations, specifically on exchanges.

For more information on 10XTS, visit:


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