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Clinc provides the world’s most advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform that is changing the way customers interact with businesses. Most businesses use chat technology, which is not optimum, to interact with customers. Clinc, however, has created an innovative platform that is data-driven to ensure a higher level of service.

According to Himi Khan, vice-president at Clinc, Clinc uses real-world data to develop AI models that focus on the intent of the questions. As a result, a much more quality of service can be provided because the AI processes the data, determines the underlying intent, and provides the correct answer based on the data consisting of hundreds of examples.

The reason that Clinc “understand what people want to say better than anyone on the planet,” according to Khan, is due to the tremendous amount of research conducted in and out of the lab. This research is the basis for a unique platform that improves digital conversations, so businesses can achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


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