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The widespread use of opioids and other addictive substances has inflicted profound suffering on countless people. While these narcotics may serve legitimate purposes within the medical system, grappling with the complexities of Substance Use Disorder requires careful consideration. In this episode, we’re honored to have Susan Bartz Herrick join us to shed light on this vital and poignant subject…

Susan is a retired professor at UNC-Fayetteville, St. Andrews University, and Methodist University. She is also the author of Slow Dancing with the Devil, a memoir that follows the story of her beloved son and only child, Luke, through his struggle with opioid addiction, recovery and sobriety – and ultimately his heartbreaking death.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • What you need to know about Substance Use Disorder (SUD).
  • The difference between stigmas and reality when it comes to drug overdoses.
  • The ways that public policies restrict care for individuals who struggle with SUD.
  • The importance of getting the word out about the opioid epidemic and SUD.

Discover firsthand how Susan uses her personal tragedy to illustrate how overprescribing contributes to Substance Use Disorder. Ready to learn more? Click play now!

You can find more on Susan by visiting her website here.

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