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Max Smetannikov is a returning guest and the chief information officer at Vimana Global, an international blockchain airspace company that aims to enable blockchain airspace. Smetannikov explains that blockchain airspace is a blockchain-based communications network that supplements control air towers and manages the increasing volume of drone traffic. The team at Vimana Global is working hard to enable the blockchain-based network to support regular blockchain transactions and thereby maintain the same level of comfort and transparency in airspace as there is on any regular blockchain.

In more recent news, Vimana Global has created a drone that carries the transformer for the Vimana blockchain. “We possess a very unique technology…where we can effectively land, take off and convert from vertical flight to horizontal flight seamlessly, which is a huge step forward in the development of airspace in general; an equivalent step was taken when the helicopter was invented,” says Smetannikov.

As a global company, Vimana intends to reach markets around the world and is getting ready to kick off an Asian tour where they will talk with future partners, explain how blockchain airspace will impact the everyday life of ordinary people around the world, and explain how exactly Vimana will be deployed in major cities. Smetannikov discusses the excitement that “smart cities”- cities that have long been embracing IT as a solution to different problems- are showing with regard to this new technology. In fact, Vimana has already received several requests for the implementation of mini buses, ferries, and subways.

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