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Jeff Berwick is a strong believer in financial freedom and the power of cryptocurrencies to allow people an escape from the central banking and financial system. He is also the creator of The Dollar Vigilante, a unique financial newsletter that recommends a variety of investments and cryptocurrencies, and offers the latest news in the crypto and investment space.

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Berwick envisions a world in which people own their money, act as their own banks and have complete control over their financial futures.

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“Most poverty in the world is caused by governments and central banks…so the more we can do to take away that power from them…through cryptocurrencies, the better chance we have at a truly free and peaceful world,” says Berwick.

Berwick explains why the backing of cryptocurrencies with fiat currency is a bad idea, why EOS has the potential to compete with Ethereum, and why people should be educating themselves on and entering the crypto space sooner rather than later.

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