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LifeBEAM, founded several years ago, was originally developed for pilots, astronauts and special forces to monitor their bodies and to avoid risky physical situations. They are now bringing you Vi, a consumer fitness product that is wearable using your phone, watch or earbud.

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The mission and passion for Vi are to combine artificial intelligence and voice to bring quality, personalized, personal training to users, wherever you are. The unique technology can profile the individual wearing the device and will process information gathered to help you meet your fitness and health goals.

Vi uses a person’s posture, cadence, heart rate and other vitals taken from your phone, watch, or earphone to determine current physical status and how to get you your heart rate and activity to the optimal level for best results.

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The system delivers the results through voice commands and selection of specific music and sounds based on your likes and physical output during a workout.

Vi ​​turns your everyday, monotonous workout into an exciting experience that leads you to real results. The system currently supports walking, running, spinning and cycling in addition to many other activities that are continually being added, including the use of a treadmill.

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