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“When new technology comes along, it makes previously impossible things possible,” according to serial entrepreneur and Founder of Crowdventure, LLC, Matthew Sullivan.

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In this interview he introduces us to the unique approach of QuantmRE, which is disrupting the real estate market through blockchain technology. Sullivan explains how the real estate network enables home owners to access the equity in their homes while leaving the banks (and their fees and paperwork), behind.

QuantmRE buys a small part of the member’s home equity and turns it into a token that is backed by assets in real estate. Not only does this give the homeowner access to money they need without causing a mortgage payment to go up, it also gives everyday folks an entry cryptocurrency game.

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When it comes time to sell, that’s when QuantmRE gets paid back; taking into account any value that may have been accrued as well.

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Essentially, they are taking the assets they buy and tokenizing them; or in other words taking something that is not liquid and turning it into liquid and something that is tradeable.

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