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In 2012, amidst the expansion from traditional information security focused on desktop and laptop servers to the ever-increasing realm of the internet of things (IOT), Paul Roberts started Security Ledger, an independent information security news website. The website has maintained a focus on security in the IOT space and is gaining both relevance and popularity as greater numbers of companies migrate toward cloud computing.

According to Roberts, however, the transition from technology and compute power to the cloud is one that companies must handle with care. “Companies are moving rapidly toward the cloud, but they do not have great systems for doing so securely, or at least haven’t developed the discipline and the understanding of the risks that the cloud brings with it…and it remains to be seen what security issues blockchain and distributed ledgers can solve,” says Roberts.

Tune in to hear Roberts touch on a variety of topics, including several challenges to the securement of data in the cloud, the difficulty in preventing cybercrime, to begin with rather than stopping it once it occurs, and the role of cyber security in AI and machine learning.

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