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At Venture Science, we are more calculated than some of the other venture investors out there…We try to quantify all of the attributes of these companies and understand how all of them contribute to the potential risks and rewards we would see,” says Matt Oguz, who is a founding partner at the San Francisco-based venture capital firm, Venture Science.

When looking to invest in a blockchain company, one of the first questions the team at Venture Science will ask is whether or not that company aims to monopolize the space they’re going after. He gives Ripple-one of the strongest companies they’ve invested in- as an example: having started with the goal of going after the payment space and replacing the services already there, Ripple has successfully and quickly risen to the top.

Oguz discusses a variety of topics, including the difference between many of the startups they were seeing a few years ago compared to the blockchain companies they’re seeing today, the current and future regulation of ICOs, and the promising trend toward decentralized and distributed computing.

Hit play to hear the full discussion, and reach out through Oguz’s LinkedIn page.

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