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Many people don’t understand all of the parts that need to come together in order to successfully launch and grow a business, and without the right type of help, business owners can lose time, money, and the energy required to ultimately see their company reach its full potential.

This is where Total-Apps comes in, a service provider that takes an individualized approach to giving companies exactly what they need in terms of customer support and payment processing solutions. “There are a lot of service providers out there, but nobody really understands what it takes to help a client,” explains Rey Pasinli, the executive director of Total-Apps.

When a business owner calls the team at Total-Apps, they won’t have to wait on hold, deal with automated phone systems or waste time explaining their company to each new representative they talk to.

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Instead, their call will be directed to the manager of their specific account who will already know about the company’s model, goals, and the most effective solution for a particular problem.

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To learn more about why Total-Apps is unique, or to try it for free and decide if it’s right for you, visit www.

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